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Benefit from the Advice of Renowned Parenting Expert; Experience Guilt-free Motherhood

Must-have Books for New Mothers

Debra Gilbert Rosenberg's books are indispensable to new moms: Her practical, realistic approach has helped thousands of moms overcome their anxieties and fears about motherhood.

"The New Mom's Companion" supports first-time mothers as they adjust to all the physical, emotional, identity, professional, family and relationship changes that so many new mothers experience. "Motherhood Without Guilt" [link to the book sub-page] offers perspective on that ever present guilt mothers feel about everything. Distinguishing between productive guilt, which can guide a mother toward managing a multitude of emotions and situations more effectively, and just feeling bad, which is a normal response when family life disappoints, Debra guides mothers to know when and how to change their behavior when appropriate, and to accept their feelings and themselves in most other situations.

Read excerpts from her two books, "The New Mom's Companion," and "Motherhood Without Guilt," here.

Must-read Articles

Parenting expert Debra Gilbert Rosenberg has authored many articles; some have appeared on,,, as well as Chicago Parent Magazine. Debra also contributed to the book (Chapter 34), "The Expert Guide to the Baby Years.".

The New Mom's Companion Motherhood Without Guilt

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